Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Humboldt City- Part Two

The Investigation

The alarm went off at 11pm. I put the coffee on and started pulling the gear together. I was anxious to try my headphones on the voice recorder. Being able to hear what is being recorded at the same time, could open a new door for communicating. I was very excited at the thought of this.
As we sat, drinking our coffee, we both noticed that the crickets were still very active. I turned on the voice recorder, pushed record and held it up to the window for about 10 sec. I played the recording, the crickets could be heard loud and clear. Rebecca and I discussed the impact this could have as far as EVP's were concerned. We decided to try anyway.
It was about 12:30 am and time to get started. We loaded ourselves down with cameras, tripods, voice recorders and chairs, then made our way to the first cabin. Once everything was in place, we began the investigation. I put on the headphones and began the EVP session. It was a very different experience, a little disorienting. I soon discovered, that since the recorder is mono, the sound only came through the left side. All the little noises that I heard were always to my left. Fortunately, some of the sounds were heard by Rebecca as well. It was then that it became clear, to me, what was actually happening.
Rebecca saw a pack rat scurry across the window sill behind me. I heard a couple of high- pitched sounds, only to discover that Rebecca's stomach was acting up. At one point, I thought I saw a shadow move across one of the windows. Later, when reviewing the video footage, it turned out that we had a bat flying around the room.

Evidently, the IR lights attracted bugs who, in turn attracted the bats. Were they also the culprits that were creating the high- pitched sounds? We had the same experience in the second building, more bats! At one point, I thought that I heard a dog barking. However, after reviewing the audio, it sounded totally different. Another sound heard, proved to be the lens cover hitting Rebecca's tripod.
Investigating outdoors presented an array of new challenges to us. Another set of good lessons! While we had no evidence to support paranormal activity, it was still a good investigation. I, personally, would like to return to this site.

Next stop: TMCC's Downtown Virginia City Investigation....

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