Saturday, October 24, 2009

TMCC Virginia City Investigation

Rebecca and I could not wait for the annual TMCC Paranormal Investigation. We headed up to Virginia City around 2pm, found a great parking place, then sat down for some chinese food before meeting up with the TMCC group.

We met with the group at the Silver Queen Hotel bar, then were placed into smaller groups of 6 or 7. I was not in the same group as my W.I.G.S. buddy Rebecca. NO!!!! This isn't how it was supposed be!
Each group was assigned to a psychic leader, as well as a "tech" person. The tech person for Rebecca's group couldn't make it, plus one person didn't show. Here's my opportunity. I asked the coordinator if I could change groups. (I want to be with my bud!). Reluctantly, she said okay. Woo hoo! let the fun begin.

Our first destination was the Firemen's Museum. We were greeted by a lady, named Kim, who gave us a brief history of the building. Kim shared our interest in the paranormal and was happy to share her personal experiences with us.
Like kids in a candy store, we scattered. The chatter reverberated in this small room.
Pride, our psychic guide, calmly reined us in and spoke to us about Chakras. I have heard of them.... that's it, I've heard of them. Pride asked us to visualize 3 specific chakras and to give each of them a specific number, a form of protection.Guess who had the wrong chakras in mind. Yep, that would be me. No wonder I couldn't feel the energies that some of the others were picking up. We made our way to the basement and began our investigating. As I reviewed the audio later, I was amazed at how noisy we were. If we had caught an EVP, there was no way to tell. Total contamination. Once our allotted time was up and were gathered outside, Pride did a "psychic feel" of each of us to make sure that nothing had attached itself to us. Interesting.
We proceeded to our next destination, the Mark Twain Bookstore. The owner gave us a brief history, ( I kind of missed it, there were so many books calling me), then took us to the basement. He explained that the basement had been three separate rooms at one point. A hardware store, a stable and the vault area for the old San Francisco Bank. It is now one large area. We had to promise that we wouldn't go through any of the "stuff" down there, darn it! Then he left us to do our thing. The further back we went, the more of a "feeling" this location had. As the group started making there way back towards the stairs, Rebecca, Mona and I lingered in the vault area. As I was filming from the doorway of the vault, I noticed lights moving across my camera frame. Hmmm.... bugs? I will leave that up to you to decide. I can honestly say that this only occurred in one other area during 45 minutes of filming. As Pride was talking about a chair that was hanging above our heads, I focused the camera on it, in the review I noticed a light moving near the chair. These videos are posted on our myspace page at
Dinner break! We sat around the tables, running through our photos and videos and sharing our finds with each other.
Next we went to the Mark Twain Museum. It was a nice place, with old printing equipment, however, the lights stayed on and the owner kept a very close eye on us. From there we went to the Red Light Museum. This place made no sense to me at all. It was obviously neglected and was just a mish mosh of things. We were directly below the restrooms which gave me a great recording of toilets flushing and running water.
Our final location was the Silver Queen Hotel. We were given access to room 11, supposedly haunted by a woman who had committed suicide. Upon entering this room, my eyes were immediately drawn to an IR camera sitting on a tripod in the corner. Okay Rebecca, it was starting to itch a bit. It took me a couple of minutes, but I did manage to get closer to it. Cool! I want one. I was being drawn to the third floor. Once we got the okay, Rebecca and I climbed the steep stairs and walked down the narrow hallway. On the west end of the hallway, we both noticed a chlorine type odor. Bleach maybe? Upon further investigation, we discovered a padlocked door which housed the laundry room. Case solved. Reviewing the video revealed a sound that we cannot identify. We did not hear it at the time. This video is also on the myspace page.
This night was so fun for us. We really hated to see it end. Wonder where we'll go next year? TMCC you rocked this year!
Next stop....Donner Ski Ranch.

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